iRaceIt - The Streamdeck Plugin for iRacing

1. Installation of the plugin

Currently, the plugin is not yet registered with Streamdeck. Therefore you have to download and install the plugin manually. As soon as the plugin runs error-free, it will of course be published in the Streamdeck plugin store.

You can download the plugin here:  de.itxware.iracing

After you have downloaded the plugin just double click the file and your Streamdeck should install the plugin and you should see a new category called „iRaceIT“.

If you are updating from a previous version you have first to delete the old version. To do this follow the steps:
1.  Shut down the StreamDeck Software (dont forget that it could be avtive in the Task tray)
2. Delete the folder „de.itxware.iracing.sdPlugin under %appdata%\Elgato\StreamDeck\Plugins
Now you install the new version.

2. Using the plugin

The plugin consists of three actions:

2.1 Pit Stop

The Pit Stop action can be used to change the settings for the next Pit stop. 
You have two settings for this action. Firstable you choose witch setting you want to change by selecting one of the list at „Select Function“. Then you must tell the plugin witch hotkey you setup in iraicng for the chat function.Normally  this is the „t“. Click on the „Chat Hotkey“ field and then press your Hotkey.
Thats all! 
You can change the icons for the action, if you setup a new button with a action i will send an according image to the selected function. 
As soon as iracing is running the plugin will show the state of the function. If you press the button, iracing gets the info to change the settings and a second later the button changes also its state. 


2.2 In Car

With this action you can show the parameters for your car that are adjustable while driving. You just have to select witch parameter you want to show. Then you can select if the iRacing value should be showed on this button or if the button shows the arrow down (minus) or the arrow up (plus) in the icon. If you want to change a value, please select the hotkey you also selected in iRacing for this parameter.
There are some parameters marked with „?“. This means i havent implemented the parameter, cause i dont own all cars in iRacing. Please tell me if you know at witch car some of these parameters are adjustable. The Iracing interface is not good enough documented, so i have to find the correct data in the telemetry.

2.3 Chat

With this action you can send chats via a button press. You just have to capture your chat key and write in the message. 
You can use the title of the button as description. For example „Thanks“. If you reduce the size of the text it should fit in the center of the icon.
So, with this button you dont have to setup the caht messages to a hotkey in iRacing.

3. You have problems

Then describe your problem as good as you can and write me a mail in english or german via iRacing. My name is : Günter Denz

4. Icons

I am a developer and not a graphics or icon maker. So i have to search sometimes  for free usable icons. 
To get the honor for their work, here are the credits for the icons:

Icon made by Ayub Irawan from
Icon made by Freepik from
Icon made by berkahicon from
Icon made by Those Icons from
Icon made by Freepik from

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